notes from today's JC telecon

From: Benjamin Grosof (
Date: 02/03/04

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    % notes from JC telecon 2/3/04
    % by Benjamin Grosof
    Mike Dean
    Benjamin Grosof
    Harold Boley
    Sandro Hawke
    Pat Hayes (joined midway)
    Peter Patel-Schneider (joined midway)
    o wrt planning for W3C Technical Plenary in early March:
    there's a draft agenda for SW IG (renamed RDF IG),
    could talk to Eric Miller,
    they will have lightning talks,
    Dan Brickley is doing the agenda since he runs that IG
    o idea:  maybe org a BOF at WWW
    o check out new SemWebCentral
    o SWRL builtins list document
    should have our own namespace, not just rely on XQuery's, then
    use XQuery naming selectively
    Benj and consensus:
    issue:  in name strings:  capitalization convention vs. hyphens
    have an intro section in prose,
    about concepts, uses, overview;
    talk about binding patterns/modes as part of this
    maybe also logarithms and other math functions
    would be nice to give a table of how our list compares
    to ISO Prolog, XQuery, XSchema, etc.
    would be nice for readers' sake to point out clear correspondences
    when they exist
    also have a section on extensibility mechanism and
    but what's our story about that, our proposed process
    to manage future evolution -- e.g. in open source
    - Mike:  let future W3C WG tackle defining those
    - Harold:  it goes beyond rules, other parts of SW may want to use as well
       . Benj:  yes
       . Sandro:  probably RDF Data Access too
    we should organize the builtins formally into a hierarchy,
    e.g., based on the XML data types hierarchy
    do we want names for the partitions
    could be tedious
    could just define classes
    yes, separate the taxonomy from the naming;
    permits overlaps between classes too
    seems process-wise that we could give our list to RDF Data Access WG,
    then defer to their decision making process wrt finalization
    another issue wrt doing that:  will the RDF Data Access WG tackle binding
    patterns/modes the way we would want
    also issue of divergence later:  we'll eventually want side-effectful
    builtins as well
    future agenda:
    let's hear from Drew McDermott about DRS -- FOL in RDF
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