OpenMath and MathML-Content expressions

From: David Martin (martin@AI.SRI.COM)
Date: 12/16/03

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    Hello Joint Committee --
    This may be of some interest, in the category of "related work".
    And also in the category of requirements.  That is, we OWL-S folks would 
    sure like to be able to express non-rule conditions; that is, logical 
    expressions that evaluate to true or false, without having to rely on 
    any approaches based on either empty-antecedent or empty-consequent.
    If that's already in SWRL, please let me know (I'm a bit behind).
    David Martin
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    Subject: OWL-S
    Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 16:14:44 +0100
    From: Juergen Zimmer <>
    To: martin@AI.SRI.COM
    Dear David Martin,
    I'm interested in service descriptions for the semantic web and had a brief
    look at the OWL-S webpage:
    - One thing that I immediately thought when looking at the note at
       is that you encode some (subset of) first-order logic there, with
       quantifiers etc.  I wonder whether you know of the OpenMath and
       MathML-Content intiatives which  try to cover exactly this part.
       Looking at the OpenMath example for Forall, the structure looks 
    pretty much like
       what you have written on page 3 of the above-mentioned document.
         <OMS cd="quant1" name="forall"/>
           <OMV name="x"/>
         <OMS name="implies" cd="logic1"/>
           <OMS name="in" cd="set1"/>
           <OMV name="x"/>
           <OMS name="R" cd="setname1"/>
           <OMS cd="relation1" name="leq"/>
             <OMS cd="arith1" name="abs"/>
               <OMS cd="transc1" name="sin"/>
               <OMV name="x"/>
           <OMF dec="1.0"/>
       OpenMath (MathML) is pretty well supported and already used by many
       people in Europe (USA).

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