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From: Ian Horrocks (
Date: 12/03/03

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    I would like to point out that this is joint work with Jeff Pan, and
    that if any credit is due, then much of it should go to Jeff.
    On December 3, Graham Klyne writes:
    > At 17:31 02/12/03 -0500, Benjamin Grosof wrote:
    > >relevant paper to read for next week:
    > >paper by Ian Horrocks et al on datatype groups
    > >from ISWC-2003, is on Ian's webpage
    > FWIW, I've implemented two approaches to incorporating datatypes into RDF 
    > inference processes.  The software is not yet documented or released (but 
    > will be soon, I hope).  Some notes are at [1].
    > - one is based on ideas from Ian's paper.  All test cases from [1] have 
    > been passed (except that I take a different approach to cardinality 
    > constraints).
    > - the other is based on adding a "variable binding modifier" to 
    > conventional Horn-like rule.
    > So far, my intuition is that Ian's GeneralRestriction class approach 
    > integrates more smoothly with general RDF -- the datatypes can be built 
    > into the software, and accessed/used within the RDF syntactic 
    > framework.  I've yet to see how this plays out in a real application.
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