RDF Concrete Syntax

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 11/12/03

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    I created swrl.rdf [1] (dumpont [2]) using only RDF Schema
    following the lead of WebOnt, but was a bit dissatisfied
    with the clarity of the result, so I also created swrl.owl
    [3] (dumpont [4]).  How concerned are folks with separating
    the RDF encoding from OWL?
    After we publish the rules proposal, we should develop a
    corresponding swrl.xsd XML Schema for the XML Concrete
    Syntax (importing the XML Schema(s) for the OWL XML
    Presentation Syntax).
    [1] http://www.daml.org/rules/proposal/swrl.rdf
    [2] http://www.daml.org/cgi-bin/dumpont?www.daml.org/rules/proposal/swrl.rdf
    [3] http://www.daml.org/rules/proposal/swrl.owl
    [4] http://www.daml.org/cgi-bin/dumpont?www.daml.org/rules/proposal/swrl.owl

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