W3C Namespace and Submission Details

From: Sandro Hawke (sandro@w3.org)
Date: 11/12/03

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    > want stable W3C namespaces,
    > e.g., for RDF version and for non-RDF XML version
    > e.g., Nr:  and Nx:   where N is, say, owlruleml,
    > or (Harold) swr;
    > Sandro:  propose swrl and swrlx, pronounced "Swirl"
    > Sandro is finding out what the W3C process is for getting a namespace
    are now approved for this use, persuant to "URIs for W3C namespaces"
    [1], which says "[W]hen a submission is made ... with the possibility
    of seeding rec track work ... the submitter may want to ask for a W3C
    namespace to use in the submission, in order to ease any future path."
    > o doing the W3C Note on SWRL
    > Sponsors will be MIT (Benj), NRC (Harold), Network Inference (Ian)
    > Sandro:  refer to it in interim as submitted not as an actual Note til
    > it's accepted which takes about a month
    No, that's not right.  Sorry I wasn't more clear about this:
         Prior to acknowledgment, the Submitter(s) MUST NOT, UNDER ANY
         CIRCUMSTANCES, refer to a document as "submitted to the World
         Wide Web Consortium" or "under consideration by W3C" or any
         similar phrase either in public or Member communication. The
         Submitter(s) MUST NOT imply in public or Member communication
         that W3C is working (with the Submitter(s)) on the material in
         the Member Submission. The Submitter(s) MAY publish the documents
         in the Member Submission prior to acknowledgment (without
         reference to the Submission request).
         After acknowledgment, the Submitter(s) MUST NOT, under any
         circumstances, imply W3C investment in the Member Submission
         until, and unless, the material has been adopted as part of a W3C
                                        -- W3C Process Document [2]
    Now, obviously it's already a matter of public record that W3C is
    working in this area, and the situations this text is intended to
    prevent are unlikely to arise in this community (where no salesman is
    trying to convince a customer to buy a product based on its
    association with W3C), but we should still respect it, and just talk
    about this proposal in terms of its DAML publication path until the
    the process is complete.
    Also, note that if acknowledged it becomes "a Submission", NOT "a
    Note".  The term Note has been deprecated, and only survives in the
    form of a "Working Group Note", which a chartered Working Group can
    choose to publish.
            -- sandro
    [1] http://www.w3.org/1999/10/nsuri
    [2] http://www.w3.org/2003/06/Process-20030618/submission.html#Submission

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