[Said Tabet: notes from September 2 telecon]

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 09/05/03

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    Thanks to Said (and Harold) for taking notes and allowing me
    to redistribute them.
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    Hi Mike,
    Here are our notes with the action items from today's telecon. Hopefully
    this will help putting together the telecon notes since you are
    traveling today:
    - A version of the Rules Lite concrete syntax will be used for OWL Rules
    and will be proposed for the 'to-be-named' Semantic Web rules language.
    - The new concrete syntax version will modify the current one
    (http://www.daml.org/listarchive/joint-committee/1444.html) as follows.
    - Use only unary and binary predicates. Encapsulate the
    discussion/example of ternary and N-ary predicates into a "future work"
    - Use only prefix notation for predicates (uniformity, simplicity, ease
    of implementation, possible future N-ary extension).
    The infix and postfix notations are not needed. Give a DTD/Schema for
    the concrete unary+binary prefix syntax.
    - Add URIs to this concrete syntax using href and/or wid+widref
    attributes on the ind and _opr tags. Perhaps also make this compatible
    with OWL/RDF statement IDs.
    - Modify existing parsers (and generators?) for allowing this syntax to
    be used for rules interchange. Possible implementations: cwm, Jena2,
    Ian's-new-OWL-engine, Said's-Jess-adaptation, ...
    Said and Harold
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