more comments on initial proposal for Rules Lite: issues to tackle/defer, "just incompleteness"

From: Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@MIT.EDU)
Date: 08/01/03

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    Hi folks,
    Here are some more (personal) further thoughts about our initial proposal 
    for Rules Lite.
    1. Some issues that need resolving soon, wrt tacking immediately vs. 
    deferring to later version, include:
    - whether to allow limited procedural attachments (especially, simple sensors);
    - whether to allow logical functions, vs. impose the Datalog restriction; and
    - whether to allow both unordered argument collections, vs. only ordered 
    (e.g., when binary) or only unordered (e.g., when n-ary in RDF-y styles).
    In the interests of simplicity, our very first version might omit these 
    2. Viewing the difference between LP and FOL as "just incompleteness" is 
    kind of like saying that the difference between OWL and FOL is "just 
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