proposal for initial Rules Lite and further phasing to Rules Full; your comments requested for 8/5 telecon

From: Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@MIT.EDU)
Date: 07/31/03

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    Hi Folks,
    Here's the proposal for an initial Rules Lite, and further phasing to Rules 
    Full, that Mike Dean and I drafted --
    it's a bit more more polished version following up 7/29/03 JC telecon's 
    action item.
    Your comments are requested, especially if you were not participating on 
    the 7/29/03 telecon.
    We will be discussing such comments on the next (8/5/03) JC telecon.
       We will develop a "Rules Lite" language (exact name TBD)
       consisting of OWL (species explicitly not yet specified) +
       binary Horn FOL + a "warning label" to the effect that
       users concerned about future extensions to support
       non-monotonicity and/or certain types of procedural
       attachments should not rely on the differences between
       Horn FOL and Horn LP (precise wording and examples TBD).
       The initial release of "Rules Lite" should be made
       available prior to the October 16-18 DAML PI Meeting.
    Since this is an important decision/milestone, we agreed to
    solicit email feedback on the above approach and timeline
    from any members not present.  We'll discuss any email
    responses as the first item on the agenda next week, August
    The expectation is that a subsequent "Rules Full" language
    will include different and/or additional features, such as
    support for n-ary predicates and logical functions, ordered
    argument collections, non-monotonicity, procedural
    attachments, and complex rule body and head expressions (cf.
    Lloyd-Topor transformations).  We expect to proceed with a
    phased release of both "Rules Lite" and "Rules Full".
    Mike Dean and Benjamin Grosof
    Prof. Benjamin Grosof
    Web Technologies for E-Commerce, Business Policies, E-Contracting, Rules, 
    XML, Agents, Semantic Web Services
    MIT Sloan School of Management, Information Technology group or

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