RE: DRAFT: List of Built-ins

From: Wagner, G.R. (
Date: 05/29/03

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    > > 3. More Built-ins:
    > > ----------------
    > > 	3.1	Assign			=
    > What does this mean in a KR language, where it doesn't make sense to
    > talk about changing the value of something?
    Right! That's why we have to distinguish between derivation rules
    and production rules, resp. reaction rules. In derivation rules,
    all the state changing and action built-ins from Said's list do 
    not make sense:
    	3.1	Assign		=
    	3.2	Increment		++
    	3.3	Decrement		--
    	6.1	open		Open a file or a stream
    	6.2	read		Read from stream or file
    	6.3	write		Write to a stream or file
    	6.4	close		close file or stream
    	6.5	printout	sends unformatted output to a given stream/router
    They only make sense in production rules resp. reaction rules.
    The same seems to apply to Said's group 7 (control and debugging 
    built-ins), whose relevance to a Web rule language is not clear 
    to me.
    > > 5. String built-ins:
    > > -----------------
    > > 	5.1	str-length	returns the length of a given string 
    > > 	5.2	str-cat	string concatenation
    > >   5.3   ...
    For all algebraic operations (not specified by XML Schema) we 
    should refer to another standard (such as UML/OCL) instead of 
    defining our own set of names!

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