DAML Rules strawman roadmap

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 05/06/03

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    I think we're now ready to develop a plan to get to an
    initial release of "DAML Rules" over the next 6 months or so
    (by the next DAML PI Meeting).  Here's a strawman.
    There seems to be an emerging consensus that we should focus
    initially on a Horn clause subset.  We should start small
    and add features as required.
    The resulting design should be driven by our Use Cases and
    Requirements document.  We can incrementally evolve the Use
    Cases and Requirements if necessary.
    We need to decide quickly whether to focus primarily on an
    RDF-based graph encoding of rules or an alternative
    (XML-based) representation.
    The result should work with OWL (vs. DAML+OIL, RDF, or
    The result could involve multiple language levels.
    The result should preferably be (a subset of) RuleML.
    We should look carefully at potential commonalities between
    the rules language and DQL.
    The result should be implemented and be in a form suitable
    for submission to W3C.
    We should identify "postponed features" as suggestions for
    subsequent evolutions of the rules language (by us or other

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