DQL ontology

From: tim finin (finin@cs.umbc.edu)
Date: 08/13/02

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    We're developing an environment in which agents that
    communicate with the standard FIPA (http://fipa.org/) agent
    communication language and protocols can use DAML+OIL as a
    content language.  Our immediate applications involve agents
    which provide event and calendar management related services
    as part of our ongoing ITTALKS (http://ittalks.org/) system.
    One of our current implementations uses the Jess rules
    engine to reason about DAML+OIL content (using an enhanced
    and extended version of the DAMLJessKB), draw additional
    domain and application appropriate inferences, make
    decisions and perform actions.
    The FIPA ACL has a very simple query model (query-if and
    query-ref) so we are trying to fit DQL into this framework
    by adding a few new communicative acts (CAs), reusing
    existing FIPA CAs as much as possible, and developing
    appropriate FIPA protocols, specifying them in agent UML
    (http://www.auml.org/).  Since have a working prototype,
    we're anxious to use it to experiment with the DQL concepts.
    To this end, we've written an initial DAML Ontology for DQL queries
    based on 01-DQL_spec_version2.html and are using this in our
    prototype.  This ontology currently supports the "necessary"
    protocol elements of DQL and we hope to have an extended
    version with provisions for query answers and KB references
    soon.  A sample query encoded in DAML based on our ontology
    is at http://userpages.umbc.edu/~anu1/DAML/query.daml
    We would love to get comments and feedback on our first cut
    at a DQL ontology and our approach in general.
    Tim Finin
    Anupam Joshi
    Yun Peng
    Anugeetha Kunjithapatham
    Mithun Sheshagiri

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