URL for site on SweetJess, including prototype of RuleML in DAML+OIL and its translation to Jess

From: Benjamin Grosof (bgrosof@mit.edu)
Date: 08/13/02

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    FYI folks:
    Relevant to DAML-Rules:
    is the URL for the site on SweetJess, for which there is now a prototype of 
    RuleML in DAML+OIL syntax, and translation  between this DamlRuleML (or 
    RuleML in ordinary XML) to Jess.
    The prototype includes using Jess to perform inference in DamlRuleML (or 
    The site is maintained by Mahesh Gandhe who did this work for his UMBC 
    masters thesis under my supervision (along with Tim Finin).
    This is a more mature (and implemented!) version of the design reported at 
    the ISWC Rules workshop.
    We plan to release this as open-source.
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