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From: Lassila Ora (NRC/Boston) (
Date: 07/12/02

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    Ian Horrocks <> wrote:
    > type(x,C)
    > P(x,y)
    > subClassOf(v,w)
    > where C is an arbitrarily complex DAML+OIL class, P is a property that
    > is NOT used in RDF, RDFS or DAML+OIL syntax,
    I do not understand this. What do you mean by "RDF, RDFS or DAML+OIL
    _syntax_"? Do you mean any property defined in the rdf:, rdfs: or daml:
    namespaces? If so, this would exclude useful queries...
    > Anther kind of query one could imagine are syntax queries, i.e.,
    > retrieve stuff that is written in the KB. I suppose we could use DQL
    > to do this. At this level, the KB could be considered as RDF/RDFS, and
    > queries could (in principal) be answered by one of the existing
    > "triple engines". It doesn't seem to make much sense to mix this kind
    > of query with the DAML+OIL semantically based queries discussed above.
    I agree, particularly remembering that even in RDF we can imagine a
    "semantic query" (i.e., one that respects the "inferential" aspects of
    RDF/RDFS). Who cares about triples anyway...? :-)
        - Ora
    Ora Lassila
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