Re: draft RDF datatyping response

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 01/08/02

Here is my revised version:

Whatever datatyping facilities are selected by the RDF Core Working Group,
it is the opinion of the Joint Committee that the primary criterion for RDF
datatyping facilities should be compatibility with existing XML and XML
Schema datatyping facilities.

One of the dimensions by which one can categorize datatyping proposals is
by whether individual values are explicitly or implicitly typed,
e.g. whether each occurrence needs to specify xsd:integer (explicit) or
whether xsd:integer is specified as the rdfs:range of the property
(implicit).  We believe that RDF should allow users to choose either
approach, and have adopted this approach in DAML+OIL.  The use of implicit
typing allows for compatibility with existing RDF data and much XML data.
The use of both implicit and explicit typing allows for an extra check on
the appropriateness of input.  The use of explicit typing allows for direct
control of the typing of data.  We encourage the RDF Core Working Group to
also allow both explicit and implicit typing, and believe this approach
to be compatible with several of the current datatyping proposals.

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