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Date: 11/09/01

>At 9:08 AM -0800 11/8/01, Deborah McGuinness wrote:
> >I am willing to collect such idioms.
> >Please send me
> >1 - english of a statement you want to make
> >2 - a daml solution (if it is tricky, an english paraphrase first is 
> useful).
> >
> >I have a start at such a collection since I wrote the "tricks of the
> >trade" section
> >of the "how and when to live with a kl-one-like language" [1] paper
> >many moons ago.
> >I generated that from working with users of classic and seeing how
> >and when they
> >were confused in their modeling tasks.
> >That was for a mostly less expressive language than daml+oil
> >(although interestingly
> >enough would have happily been able to say the thing that jeff
> >wanted to say since
> >it did have same-as as a constructor).
> >
> >[1]
> >http://www.ksl.stanford.edu/people/dlm/papers/living-with-classic-abstrac 
> t.html
> >
> >d
>while I think this is useful, I think a human-readable solution isn't
>going to get very far -- we need to figure out new and better ways to
>do this (example, come up with simpler language features and make the
>logic reasoners work a little harder) - just a thought
>   -JH
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