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From: Deborah McGuinness (
Date: 10/31/01

Thanks again for all of your work on this.  a few comments inline

"Peter F. Patel-Schneider" wrote:

> The current status of the submission documents will be available (as of
> about 9am EST today) at
> I have added copyright notices and DAML acks to the .html files.    If I
> don't have a copyright message from you I have put [ ] around your name.  I
> won't be able to submit until all authors tell me what their copyright status is.
> I have also incorporated the .daml and .xsd files into the appropriate
> .html files.
> I changed the cover page to include patent declarations and copyright
> specifications.  I won't be able to submit until all authors give me
> information to put in these sections.

on copyright, I can do this myself:

I, Deborah L. McGuinness hereby grant to the W3C, a perpetual, nonexclusive,
royalty-free, world-wide right and license under any of my copyrights in this
contribution to copy, publish and distribute the contribution, as well as a right and
license of the same scope to any derivative works prepared by the W3C and based on,
or incorporating all or part of the contribution. I further agree that any derivative
works of this contribution prepared by the W3C shall be solely owned by the W3C.

on the ipr, i can  sign for myself but i can not sign for stanford.
if you can work with only mine, then here it is:

I, Deborah L. McGuinness, offer a license to the DAML+OIL submission under the
suggested W3C Royalty-Free Patent License Declaration of 6 September 2001, available

If you need a statement from stanford, then that has to be passed on to someone who
can sign for stanford (or who can authorize me to sign for stanford).
I have taken a copy of peter's statement, modified appropriately for stanford, and
passed that on to ask if either i can sign it or if someone who can sign for stanford
can sign that.

> Finally, if any other authors belong to a W3C member, I think that this
> should go on the first line of the cover page (cover.html).  As all authors
> have to provide IPR disclaimers, there is no extra work in this.  I know of
> the following:
>         Stanford
>         MIT (maybe, depending on Dan's/Lynn's status)

Stanford is indeed a w3 member thus peter may be correct in adding stanford.
I was actually hesitant earlier to include stanford  since given the issues with ipr,
i was wondering if stanford was going to ask me to join for the knowledge systems lab
at stanford instead of joining for stanford.  (in that realm, i actually do
understand the implications of IPR issues; for all of stanford, i have no hope.  (as
a data point, hendler got his laboratory at maryland to join instead of joining for
all of umd.)
Thus, I was assuming that putting stanford's name down (when someone might want me to
change it to ksl) might be problematic.
Also, if stanford is not down, does that mean that we can submit with my individual
ipr statement but if stanford is down, does that mean that we need a statement from
since it looks like we are going in with individual statements from two people at
other universities rather than their entire university, maybe we can just use my
individual statement.

If i get the approval to submit the statement about ipr from stanford quickly, then i
agree it is no more work and it seems to make sense to put stanford down as a member
organization submitting as well.
I am the ac rep for stanford so it can come jointly from me as well as the other
appropriate ac reps.

 Deborah L. McGuinness
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