Re: what should the result of query be (and look like)

From: Sandro Hawke (
Date: 10/24/01

> I vote for none of the ``above''.

Sorry, but I think you're talking about some orthogonal issues about
the format of the query answer, and whether the answer to a query is
the matching triples themselves (which I was assuming for simplicity
in my example) or some binding information.  I was trying to clarify a
different point about whether certain KB triples (ones with
existential variables in them) are even considered to be matchable.
(Richard seemed to be saying they should not be; I apologize if I've
misunderstood his position.)

> 	{ < <patsCar> , <blue> > ,
>           < _:b , <red> > }

> 	?x = <patsCar>, ?y = { <blue> }
> 	?x = <_:b>, ?y = { <red> }

Your use of _:b in the results shows you think it's okay to return
existential variables.

> peter

    -- sandro

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