new model theory for DAML+OIL

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 10/02/01

Here is a new version of the model theory for DAML+OIL that I have been
working on for the past few days.

A few points with respect to the model theory.

1/ Although there are differences between this model theory and the model
theory for RDF(S) that Pat Hayes has produced, the only significant
difference from what I believe will be the next version of Pat's model
theory is the treatment of literals.  Unfortunately, this is a rather major

2/ I have modified my model theory for DAML+OIL to work somewhat better
with respect to DAML+OIL datatypes.  This has made it look somewhat
different from Pat's model theory for RDF(S).

3/ To support the DAML+OIL version of datatypes (actually a slight
modification of the DAML+OIL version of datatypes that does not incorporate
the rdf:value mechanism) I have created my own version of the new model
theory for RDF(S).   

I have included my RDF(S) model theory in this message as a separate
attachment.  Note that my RDF(S) model theory incorporates DAML+OIL

Note also that my RDF(S) model theory is a text file.  This is supposed to
reflect its unofficial and draft status!!!  Please don't consider it as
anything but a temporary support for the DAML+OIL model theory.

4/ My hope is that the RDF(S) model theory from the RDF Core WG will
eventually include datatypes.  If this is not the case then I expect that
it will be able to admit the DAML+OIL version of datatypes.  If the former
happens, then I will abandon my RDF(S) model theory.  If the latter
happens, then I will probably take the datatype model theory from my RDF(S)
model theory and create an RDF and/or RDFS model theory with datatypes as
an extension to the RDF(S) model theory.  I will then build the DAML+OIL
model theory on top of that extension.

5/ I hope that other description logic theoreticians will be motivated to
see if this new model theory has any untoward implications.

Peter F. Patel-Schneider

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