Re: DAML bug

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 09/04/01

> In, TransitiveProperty and
> UnambiguousProperty are both sub-classes of ObjectProperty, but
> UniqueProperty is a sub-class of rdf:Property.  This seems like a bug to me,
> or am I missing something?

TransitiveProperty deals with chaining of instances, so it
makes sense to only apply it to ObjectProperties.
UniqueProperty is basically an idiom for cardinality
constraints, and can be applied to any property.

It seems to me that UnambiguousProperty could also apply to
any property, e.g. a serial number (xsd:string or
xsd:decimal) could unambiguously identify a part.  In fact,
I think the most common usage is with Datatype properties.

I'm cc'ing some other folks to see if I missed something.  

> PS Was great to meet up with you in Seattle. Hope you enjoyed the rest of
> the conference.

Likewise!  I hope you also had a good holiday.


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