Re: thoughts on the new rdfs:subClassOf

From: pat hayes (
Date: 08/31/01

>If Pat doesn't object, I would like to post my summary of our 
>discussion in response there. (Various of you told me already they 
>liked my summary, at

OK, I objected; now I withdraw my objection, so please go ahead.

I had hoped that the RDFCore WG might simply decide to adopt subClass 
loops today, and it came close to doing so, but since one of the 
people who had spoken most strongly against the idea was on holiday, 
it was felt that to decide this now would be steamrollering him and 
he should have a chance to respond, so the issue is still open.

I think that the tide of opinion is moving towards adopting this 
change, but it might be good to move the debate into a more public 

I will try to summarize the issues (more political/social than 
technical) in a later msg to the JC.


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