Re: Coordination with RDF Core

From: pat hayes (
Date: 07/06/01

>Dear Joint Everybody,
>In the meeting of 26 June, we discussed Peter's initial list of
>coordination points between DAMl+OIL and the RDF Core activity (see [1])
>I volunteered to update his notes by taking into account our discussion,
>and also making it into a proper document.
>You can find the result at [2], and attached.
>I assume that if we agree on this, it should be passed on to the RDF 
>Core folk?
>   ----

I would like to see the 'URI' point retained in the document. The 
more the coreWG gets its node rubbed in this issue, the better :-)

BTW, I believe the 'closed containers' issue is a lost cause at this 
stage. The coreWG has decided that RDF describes containers rather 
than, as it were, implementing them, so there is no way to say that 
an RDF container has a limited number of items. We should keep the 
point in the document, just a heads-up of what to expect.


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