Re: rule proto-proposal

From: Stefan Decker (
Date: 05/30/01


> > If we built a rule language for processing of RDF data it is necessary to
> > distinguish
> > different sets of RDF data. One example where it is important to
> > distinguish between
> > different kind sets of RDF data is when it comes from different sources,
> > and that
> > it originates from different sources is a property of the data.
> > There are other applications areas, e.g. the computation of different
> > semantics (see my RDF Schema
> > example).
>I have grave doubts about this sort of extension to RDF without having any
>notion of belief or knowledge, because this is what the ability to
>distinguish between the sources of information boils down to.
The first thing necessary is to be able to distinguish between different 
You (and others) are free to built what mechanism is needed on top of it.



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