Re: enhancing Unambiguous to be domain-dependent

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 05/21/01

>  > Note that I am not commenting on whether or not DAML+OIL needs to
>  > provide this idiom directly.
>Yeah, that's a slippery slope.
>These days, I'm largely
>in favor of providing idioms like this directly;
>i.e. issuing names for things that we can already
>express other ways.
>Dan Connolly, W3C

Let me back the inclusion of an idiom for this -- the solution is 
non-intuitive to those w/o DL background, but the ability is an 
important one for people to know about when using DAML+OIL.  Although 
we've often discussed the fact that we would expect people to deal 
w/DAML+OIL via tools, I suspect for the next few years people (esp. 
developers) will still be eyeballing the DAML itself (example, look 
at the XML-SPY utility and its use in XML - lets people see the raw 
XML in a structured-editor-like way.  Every DAML demo I've given to 
an XML fan lately has included their pulling up our pages to "read" 
the DAML using this tool or similar).  So asking a non logician to 

At 10:05 PM +0100 5/16/01, Ian Horrocks wrote:
><daml:Class rdf:about="#Thing">
>   <rdfs:subClassOf>
>     <daml:Restriction daml:maxCardinalityQ="1">
>       <daml:onProperty>
>         <daml:inverseOf rdf:resource="#surName"/>
>       </daml:onProperty>
>       <daml:hasClassQ rdf:resource="#Family"/>
>     </daml:Restriction>
>   </rdfs:subClassOf>

instead of

(Dan Connolly's - but w/names shortened to be commensurate w/Ian's)
><rdf:Description rdf:about="#colorName">
>         <rdf:type rdf:resource="#UniqueProperty"/>
>         <u:domain rdf:resource="#Color"/>
>         <u:label>color name</u:label>
>         <u:subPropertyOf rdf:resource="#label"/>
>     </rdf:Description>

seems to me to be a losing battle.

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