Re: comments on Reference description

From: pat hayes (
Date: 03/22/01

> > I agree this should be done.
>I think there's consensus that this should be done.
> > I'd like to hear from MikeD and Frank about what's
> > the most straightfoward way to do it; i.e. whether
> > we should take you up on the offer above.

I have put up draft edited versions of the three files at  Mike, these are the same ones I sent you 
earlier today  but without the spurious strike-thrus (which were 
invisible in Netscape Composer.)

Ive taken out all 'abstract' terminology as proposed earlier, 
corrected a few typos, and changed the English here and there a 
little to improve the readability and keep the terminology straight.

I havnt changed the version numbering properly, so dont use these 
files for anything other than reading. Also there are some comments 
in the manual which need editing out (enclosed in 
//double-slashes//).  Sorry about that.


PS. This was my first try at editing HTML. Conclusions: (1) it's fun 
(2) Netscape Composer is a crock.

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