Examples, etc. - instances?

From: Jim Hendler (jhendler@darpa.mil)
Date: 03/21/01

  As a challenge to myself, and eventually to others, I decided to 
create a page which would be the information about me described in 
DAML (i.e. instance data).  In the example/documents I found how to 
create the basic instance of a class
<ShoeGen:person rdf:ID="JimHendler"/>

but when I go to put properties on me (I want to say I'm 
damlex:height = short) I cannot find an example of how to do it -- in 
the manual it seems to imply that if I'd just go and study RDF I'd 
know the answer.

Since we need to be able to USE the ontologies we create, woudl be 
really nice to have an example in the walk-through and appropriate 

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