Re: DAML briefing to RDF IG

From: Peter F. Patel-Schneider (
Date: 02/26/01

I think that your feature chart does not appropriately highlight the main
differences between RDF(S) and DAML+OIL.  

So just what are the main differences?  In my view they are

1/ formal semantics
2/ classes with both necessary and sufficient conditions for membership
3/ many more class-forming operators

The layout of the comparison chart and the presence of bounded lists and
reification obscure these most-important differences.

There is also a problem with expectations, due to the DAML name.  As I read
through the slides, I tried to think as someone who knew little or nothing
about DAML.  It was not until slide 8 that I saw any evidence that DAML did
anything besides language development.  (I know that I would not be unhappy
if this were indeed the case, but I think that Jim and DARPA would be a bit
surprised.)  Perhaps slide 8 could be moved to be the second slide and the
title of the talk changed to something like ``The DAML Ontology
Language''.  The titles of some other slides could also be adjusted.

There are also some minor problems with the slides.  As mentioned by
others, ``concrete'' is being phased out.  I would not use ``technology
transfer'', instead using something like ``proposal''.  I would also not
use ``Next Steps'', because the four items there have very different lead
times and time to fruition.  The link to the datatype draft is not
(currently) correct. 


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