daml+oil+dt examples, etc.

From: Mike Dean (mdean@bbn.com)
Date: 02/22/01

A few suggestions for the updated examples, reference, etc.
now at [1]:

1) use .xsd rather than .xml as the suffix for

2) separate daml+oil+dt-ex-ont.daml (Class and Property
definitions) from daml+oil+dt-ex.daml (instance definitions:
Adam, Ian, etc.)

3) include an example showing use of an rdfs:Literal
property (not further constrained)

4) include an example showing use of an xsd:string property
(e.g. name)

5) maybe:  use local restrictions rather than rdfs:domain
and rdfs:range

6) show some use of equivalentTo for instances (e.g.

7) the [RDFS] reference should include the URI


   similar to [RDF]

8) include an [XML Schema] reference and URI



[1] http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~horrocks/DAML+OIL/Datatypes/

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