new syntax for datatypes

From: Peter Patel-Schneider (
Date: 02/15/01

Ian, Frank, and I put together a new proposal for the syntax and
processing of datatypes at the DAML PI meeting this week.

The basic idea behind this proposal is to make datatype values be a
complex object in RDF.  A datatype value will be represented by the
following sort of RDF graph:

   X -------------> xsd:decimal
   | rdf:value

One would then write

     <xsd:decimal rdf:value="9.00">
     <xsd:int rdf:value="47">

We are using rdf:value above not because it is the best name for this
relationship, but because it already exists in RDF.

You can use built-in XML Schema datatypes by using their well-known
URIs.  If desired you can point to XML Schema datatype definitions,
but these definitions will not be valid RDF, and will have to be in
some other place.  There may be some utility to allowing only built-in

More details to follow.


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