Re: No Joint Committee telecon today - but language meeting tomorrow

Date: 02/13/01

as presumably everyone knows, there will be a language breakout meeting 
tomorrow at the daml PI meeting from 9 am - 12 noon eastern time.

if someone posts a chat, we will display that (my default will be to use the 
one we are using today - sw on  I have a laptop from which i 
will connect and display this using a projector.

I am the chair of this session.

The goal is to take input from the daml community on language requests.
I expect some input in line with the presentation Mike Dean gave today
( )
and i also expect some discussion on concrete types and possibly rules 
(although there will be a birds of a feather session on rules later).

I am also told that there will be a phone line and a speaker phone in the 
room - i am expecting that mike or some other person who knows logistics will 
provide the phone number.

if you have input for the meeting but are unable to attend, feel free to send 
me mail - -
and i will present your issues.

Deborah McGuinness

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