Re: DAML+OIL release

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 01/11/01

Ian Horrocks wrote:
> I have updated the two files describing the differences between
> DAML+OIL and DAML and between DAML+OIL and OIL. 

Good idea to split this up. Some minor comments:

In differences-daml.html, can you change the ref to
into the more specific

In differences-oil.html, you write:

> In OIL a transitive property cannot be functional, nor can it (or any of > its superproperties) be used in a cardinality constraint. This restriction 
> is required in order for class consistency to be decidable. It is not > clear if the same restriction applies to DAML+OIL. 

I think it is clear, namely that the restriction does not apply in DAML+OIL (see the relevant warning in the reference document):

> Warning: If a transitive property (or any of its superproperties) is used 
> in a cardinality constraint, then class consistency
> is no longer decidable. 

Dublin core is spelled Dublin Core.


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