Pre-final release versions available

From: Frank van Harmelen (
Date: 01/10/01

Dear Joint-all,

After the teleconf last night I implemented all of the required changes in the example, the walkthrough and the reference document. 

You can find them in the usual location: <>

As usual, hunt for the dark grey-matter :-), since that is were the changes are:

1. implemented all comments from everybody last week (thanks to all for the careful and often inspired reviewing)
2. implemented Jessica's fix to the namespace bug (example & walkthrough)
3. added an explanation on the collection-construction (reference document)
4. explained the non-difference between ID= & about= (walkthrough)
5. removed restrictedBy in favour of subClassOf (all files, code & text)

Some specific points:

All: I consider these documents ready for release (modulo removing the do-it-yourself versioning-by-colour-scheme, of course), so speak now or...

Dan: I would appreciate if you could inspect point [3], at

Jeff: can you supply me with explanatory text on the imports element?

Mike: contact me if you want the versioning-free versions.

Ora/Deb: can you point to the new RDF survival guide that Ora wrote?

Point [5] has really made the language very much nicer. I was struck by the elegant symmetry that now exists between:

<Class ID="C1">
     some property constraint


<Class ID="C2">
     some property constraint

for stating necessary-only or necessary-and-sufficient conditions on a class. Pretty.


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