Joint Committee telecon today

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 01/09/01

We'll have our weekly telecon today (Tuesday, January 9)
from 4-5pm EST, 1-2pm PST, and corresponding times in other

The dial-in numbers are

  U.S.:  888-483-2662

  outside U.S.: +1-310-312-5889 (I haven't yet given up on
  finding a technical means for us to pay for these calls
  instead of the callers)

  Enter passcode 6428 followed by the # sign

Below is a draft agenda; additions are welcome.


agenda updates/additions


corrections to minutes from 2 January [1]


  release status

  list notation proposal(s) [3]

  about= vs. ID=


  final release

concrete types proposals (if time allows) [4]

Conceptual Graphs (if time allows) [5]






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