Joint Committee Minutes 2 January 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PST on 2 January 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 9 January telecon.



Happy New Year!

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Last Week's Minutes

The minutes from December 19 were approved by those present.


A draft release site is now available.

Thanks to Ian, Frank, and others for their work over the holidays.

Frank brought up several outstanding issues:

  1. What notation should we use for ordered and/or unordered lists?

    Using cons pairs is incredibly verbose. Dan Connolly's daml:collection parse type pushes the envelope on the RDF standard, and hasn't yet been implemented in any tools.

    ACTION (Dan Connolly) and ACTION (Stefan Decker): develop formal proposals for discussion next week.

  2. avoiding exposed content

    Frank had noted in email that only cardinality was exposed in DAML+OIL ontology definitions. Dan and Stefan suggested an approach using attributes.

    Mike noted that this only covers ontologies. Exposed content in instances is still an issue, e.g. XML Namespace restrictions on repeating attributes.

    RESOLVED: Both syntaxes will be allowed. ACTION (Frank van Harmelen): add footnote to specification.

  3. RDFS specifies domain and range at the Property level; DAML+OIL uses toClass restrictions instead.

    ACTION (Peter Patel-Schneider): augment semantics to include domain/range.

ACTION (Stefan Decker): Check daml+oil.daml and daml+oil-ex.daml using RDF API.

ACTION (Deb McGuinness, with Richard Fikes): update axiomatic semantics.

ACTION (Ian Horrocks): add inverse relation for samePropertyAs

ACTION (Frank van Harmelen): add note to reference that concrete types are expected to be included in an upcoming release

ACTION (everyone): review the DAML+OIL documents and forward comments to the coordinators:

who will collect results and send them to Mike to post to (by the next release, we expect to have CVS for use by everybody).

IEEE Standard Upper Ontology (SUO)

As a follow-up to Pat Hayes' report on KIF during our last telecon, Frank van Harmelen noted that the IEEE Standard Upper Ontology (SUO) effort is currently using KIF, and inquired whether we should encourage them to use DAML+OIL instead.

Pat Hayes felt that most of the SUO folks would not currently accept DAML+OIL. He also noted that Mike Genesereth had reported that several groups are working on an XML-based syntax for KIF.

Jim Hendler (speaking personally) feels it's too early for outreach efforts such as this and FIPA. We may want to defer to the expected W3C Working Group and/or keep this on the back burner.

Planned Topics for Next Week

  1. DAML+OIL (will release shortly after next week's meeting)
  2. concrete types proposals


Kelly Barber's raw notes
last week's minutes

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