Re: [Fwd: Tambis test files for RDF, DAML and notation3.]

From: Ian Horrocks (
Date: 01/05/01

On January 4, Dan Connolly writes:
> Ian provided me with a copy of the ontology;
> I gave it to Tim, and he turned it into notation 3.
> Tim, thanks for doing most of the work on this one!
> Hmm... taking a look, I see some oddities:
> |    <alkali-metal>     a rdfs:Class;
> |         :intersectionOf  (
> |         [
> |                 a :Restriction;
> |                 :cardinality "1";
> cardinality on a restriction (i.e on a class?)
> Hmm.. that seems to be a problem in the data that you gave
> me, Ian:
> |<a:Restriction rdf:about="_anon1033">
> |        <a:cardinality>1</a:cardinality>
> |        <a:hasValue rdf:resource="&a;Thing"/>
> |        <a:onProperty rdf:resource="part-of"/>
> |</a:Restriction>

This should be more like:

<a:Restriction rdf:about="_anon1033">
        <a:hasClassQ rdf:resource="a:#Thing"/>
        <a:onProperty rdf:resource="part-of"/>

which defines the class of objects that are part-of exactly one
thing. As soon as the daml+oil release is finalised we will bring
OilEd export up to date and fix this bug at the same time.

> Anyway... the idea behind the action item was to prompt
> discussion on so-called "presentation syntaxes". So...
> discuss away.
> It had the happy side-effect of getting TimBL to
> implement syntactic sugar for lists in N3 ;-)
> Er... Ian, Tim's copy of the ontology is world-readable.
> Do we have license for that by now?

Yes - in fact I added the ontology to the DAML archive, and the
original OIL version is now world-readable at:


> nucleic-acid is an interesting one.
> Why does this ontology not actuall give the atomic numbed of the elements
> while it is at it?

Detailed questions regarding the content of the ontology can be
directed to However, what I do know is
that the ontology was built for a specific purpose (facilitating
access to gene databases) rather than in an attempt to model the
domain in general. I presume that in this context the atomic number
wasn't interesting/useful.


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