From: Ian Horrocks (
Date: 12/22/00

On December 21, Mike Dean writes:
> > I thought we had agreed on daml+oil, not daml+ont.
> You're right.  My fingers keep typing it wrong.  My
> apologies.  Thanks for catching this.
> > > Please don't include the extension in the namespace name. Just use:
> > > 
> > >
> Right.  daml+oil.daml is just the file name on the server.

All the files are now updated and available in the usual place:

What you will find there is:

daml+oil.daml         - the revised language specification 
daml+oil-ex.daml      - the revised example ontology 
changes.html          - an explanation of the changes 
semantics.html        - a revised denotational semantics 
differences.html      - a list of the remaining differences w.r.t. OIL

There are also plain text versions of the changes and semantics files.

Regards, Ian

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