Re: SUMO chunk for spatial stuff? (formula terms?)

From: Dan Connolly (
Date: 04/21/03

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    On Mon, 2003-04-21 at 17:12, Adam Pease wrote:
    > Dan,
    >    The modules are in KIF in our public CVS repository at 
    > <>.  Each 
    > module is separated from others in the file by the tags ";; BEGIN FILE" and
    > ";; END FILE".  The DAML version of the latest SUMO is at 
    > <>, although it lacks the 
    > module delimiters.
    Ah... ok, good.
    Hmm... I hope this isn't too far off topic, but
    in modelling places and times it seems to come up
    quite a bit... I see this in the ontology:
    (instance holdsDuring BinaryPredicate)
    (instance holdsDuring AsymmetricRelation)
    (domain holdsDuring 1 TimePosition)
    (domain holdsDuring 2 Formula)
    (documentation holdsDuring "(&%holdsDuring ?TIME ?FORMULA) means that the 
    proposition denoted by ?FORMULA is true in the time frame ?TIME.  Note 
    that this implies that ?FORMULA is true at every &%TimePoint which is a 
    &%temporalPart of ?TIME.")
          (holdsDuring ?TIME ?SITUATION1)
          (entails ?SITUATION1 ?SITUATION2))
       (holdsDuring ?TIME ?SITUATION2))
       (holdsDuring ?TIME (not ?SITUATION))
       (not (holdsDuring ?TIME ?SITUATION)))
    But I can't make sense of "proposition denoted by ?FORMULA".
    And I can't parse formulas like this...
       (believes ?AGENT ?FORMULA)
       (exists (?TIME)
          (holdsDuring ?TIME (considers ?AGENT ?FORMULA))))
    That Merge.txt claims to be written in a language,
    SUO-KIF, specified in
    but from that spec it looks like (considers ?AGENT ?FORMULA)
    parses as a functional term, not a term denoting
    a proposition.
    I ask partly to understand SUMO but also because
    the N3 notation I'm working on with TimBL et. al.
    (cf has a very
    similar syntactic gizmo and I'm hard pressed to
    figure out how to specify it, formally.
    The only way I've been able to make sense of
    it is via quasiquoting, ala...
       (believes ?AGENT ?FORMULA)
       (exists (?TIME)
          (holdsDuring ?TIME ^(considers ,?AGENT ,?FORMULA))))
    Dan Connolly, W3C

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