Re: A DAML Spatial Ontology

From: Antony Galton (
Date: 03/10/03

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    A number of people working on space and time, particularly 
    in reference to geographical processes, have advocated a 
    four-dimensional ontology based on space-time chunks. I 
    think there may be something to be said for this approach 
    in some situations, particular when modelling complex 
    phenomena that simultaneously manifest both object-like and
    process-like aspects, depending on how they are viewed 
    (e.g., a hurricane can be tracked like a moving object in 
    satellite images, but from the point of view of someone on 
    the ground, in its path, it's more like an event - so it 
    might be useful to have an underlying representation from 
    which both these cases arise as different projection, as it 
    were). In order to take this view of the phenomena, one 
    presumably also needs an integrated 4D ontology of 
    spatio-temporal locations - so alongside your two lists for 
    Space and Time, there could be a third list, for 
    Space-Time. (Some enthusiasts for this point of view would 
    say that the third list should *replace* the first two, but 
    more conservatively we might at least want it co-existing 
    with them - though of course that also implies that we need 
    to sort out the relationships between elements in the 
    Space-Time list and corresponding elements in the other two 
    lists ...)
    Anyway, just a thought. And more generally, I'm definitely 
    interested in these issues and would therefore like to 
    remain on the mailing list.
    Antony Galton
    School of Engineering and Computer Science
    University of Exeter

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