Re: A DAML Spatial Ontology

From: Pete Haglich (
Date: 03/10/03

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    I am interested in participating.  In our work on 2 DARPA projects we 
    have developed a pragmatic geographic spatial ontology and an pragmatic 
    geometric spatial ontology.  I would be happy to share our work and to 
    look at expanding the quality of our ontology library with the results 
    of an effort like this.
    On Thursday, Mar 6, 2003, at 15:28 US/Eastern, Jerry Hobbs wrote:
    > Let me know if you would be interested in participating in such an
    > effort, at least as far as tracking the email.  But in fact, I will
    > keep you on the list unless you send me a message to remove you.
    Pete Haglich, ISX Corporation
    Virginia Beach, VA
    Mobile (757) 572-5913

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