added properties use case

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 01/28/02

I've been hoping/assuming for a while that DAML-S could
cover the following use case.  I'd like to verify that
and/or propose it as a use case for upcoming releases.

In using DAML, I've found that it's preferable to add
properties to existing well-known objects rather than
creating new objects.  For example, the CIA World Fact Book
and Foreign Clearance Guide add properties about countries.
I'd like to be able to use DAML-S to describe information
services that provide additional information about specific
classes of objects.  I think this could play a major role in
the upcoming DAML Experiment.

As a concrete example, I'd like to be able to indicate that
values for the following properties

for instances of

with a value of ?code for property

can be obtained by loading the page

A "rule" specifying this might look something like

  (?country rdf:type fips-ont:Country)
  (?country fips-ont:code ?code)
  (eval (http-get (concatenate ""
  (?country factbook-ont:border ?x)

Can this currently be expressed in DAML-S?



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