Security as part of the web services breakout

From: Brandon Amundson (
Date: 04/03/03

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    Hi All,
    Here are some good news: The DAML-S web service community agrees that
    security is an important topic. Thus, it has been decided that security
    will be made one of the 3 topics in the DAML-S breakout session. The
    security part will be let by Katia Sycara and myself.
    This resolves in a neat way some of our scheduling constraints and will
    give us additional time to talk about DAML security (besides the
    security lunch schedule for Tuesday to which we still invite everybody;
    let me know if you are interested)
    We will prepare slides for the breakout session. We would appreciate
    input from you (topics, open issues, goals, case scenarios, etc).
    Thus, please send some line about your interests in "security and DAML"
    or "security and DAML-S".
    Thanks in advance.
    Looking forward to interesting discussions!
    Katia and Grit

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