Re: Security Lunch table at DAML PI meeting in Miami

From: Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (
Date: 03/28/03

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    Thanks for your note. I would enjoy such a meeting and don't have any 
    preferences on the day.
    I have a feeling that there would be a benefit to having more than 
    just a lunchtime to talk. My vote would be to have a breakout session 
    so we could get a little deeper into issues, if there is enough 
    At 5:06 PM -0800 3/27/03, Grit Denker wrote:
    >Hi All,
    >I am mailing to let you know that I will organize a security lunch table
    >during the DAML PI meeting in Miami.
    >As of now, I decided not to organize a security breakout session
    >(unless I get a lot of responses and a breakout session seems more
    >reasonable). There might be a possibility to make the topic of
    >"web services and security" part of the security breakout session,
    >but this is not yet decided.
    >My main focus has been on defining ontologies that allow to interface
    >a wide variety of known security mechanism. I am mainly interested in
    >applying this to web services and agents. This is collaborative work
    >Lalana Kagal from UMBC.
    >I would like to talk about this topic and other security related topic
    >during the
    >security lunch. By default I would organize the lunch table for 4/8.
    >That gives us time for follow-up discussions.
    >Please let me know whether you are interested in joining and whether you
    >have preferences about the day (4/8, 9, or 10).
    >Drop me a line if you are interested, so I make sure to keep you
    >informed and
    >talk to you during the meeting.
    >Best regards,
    >Grit Denker
    >SRI International
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