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From: Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (
Date: 01/30/03

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    This is a great collection--thanks! I will forward separately to you 
    some papers about the work we are doing with the KAoS policy and 
    domain services that seem relevant that you may want to include on 
    the site. Below is an abstract from a paper we submitted to Policy 03.
    Please keep us informed of future developments, and if anyone else on 
    the list has questions or related interests, please let me know.
    In this paper, we describe our initial implementation of the KAoS 
    policy and domain services. While initially oriented to the dynamic 
    and complex requirements of software agent applications, the services 
    are also being adapted to general-purpose grid computing and web 
    services environments as well. The KAoS services rely on a DAML 
    description-logic-based ontology of the computational environment, 
    application context, and the policies themselves that enables runtime 
    extensibility and adaptability of the system, as well as the ability 
    to analyze policies relating to entities described at different 
    levels of abstraction. An online theorem-prover is used for policy 
    disclosure, conflict detection, and harmonization, and for reasoning 
    about domain structure and concepts. In future versions, DAML will be 
    replaced by OWL, and description-logic will be supplemented with the 
    possibility of rule-based representation.
    At 5:33 PM +0100 1/30/03, Chris Bizer wrote:
    >Hi all,
    >I have collected some papers, onologies and links to relevant standards and
    >working groups.
    >Maybe somebody has subscribed this mailing list :-) and is interested.
    >Semantic Web Trust and Security Resource Guide:
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