Re: DAML-ONT release, homework

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 11/02/00

> 1) I checked our website with IE 4.0, and it does render the RDF element contents found in the <head>.

I just checked, and found the same with my my lessons
learned page.  Sigh!

> Should we change the RDF to also make use the first abbreviated form of RDF?
> ...
> Will the DAML crawler still be able to handle it?

I believe so.  There's another problem with embedded Action.
I'll try to address both problems (and test them with
Netscape, IE, and the crawler) in recommending a solution
(hopefully in a week or so).

> 2) Second, to associate our .daml content files with our .html files, I included the following link element in our .html files:
> <link rel="DAML" href="file_name.daml" type="text/daml" media="semanticweb" />
> Will this be sufficient for the crawler to pick up the DAML content, or should the .html file contain an actual anchor tag to the relevant .daml file?

It should if it doesn't already.  I'll try to test this
also as the get the Crawler going. 

> 3) I just realized that there was a '>' missing in the RDF given on the homework page. It's missing from the end of the rdf:Description element. 
> I think this mistake may be in our markup of the lessons learned page that was emailed to "" last night.  Should I resubmit our
> lessons learned with the correction made?

I fixed the copy at [1].




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