Re: DAML-ONT release, homework

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/31/00

> 1) Is the rdf listed in step 5 supposed to be imbedded in our webpage,
> or in our DAML content?

Either is fine.

> If it's supposed to be in our webpage won't the "closed" "available at..."
> " 2000-10-25" and the email address show up in a web browser viewing
> our webpage?

Not if it's within the <head>.  Only the <body> gets
rendered by the browser.

      DAML content
      HTML content

> 2) When registering our site with the DAML crawler, should we register
> the root webpage, or the first page that has DAML content?

The root webpage, presuming it has links to everything else.
The crawler uses a cost model that allows it to skip through
n HTML pages looking for DAML content.

> 3) When registering our ontology at,
> what is expected in section 4 ("Categorization")?

Your choice of keywords and your best guess at any relevant
Open Directory categories (we want to see how useful such
categories are for an ontology library).

See for some


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