Re: FW: Instance Data Question

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/31/00

> The only samples we've seen only contain what I would call "class" or
> "ontology" definitions, and not what I'd call "instance" data.  The only
> exception was "Adam" in one of the examples.  Do you envision "instance"
> data marked up as part of the ontology (with "class" tags), or with
> different tags?

I expect the "instances" to be separate.  Attached is a
simple example (based on daml-ex) that I worked up for a
recent BBN talk.  It used RDF/RDFS rather than DAML so I
could process it with existing tools -- I think Sergey's
latest RDF API release will support DAML-ONT, but haven't
had a chance to try it myself yet.

<!-- some DAML ideas, examples -->
<!-- $Id: family.rdfs,v 1.1 2000/10/05 16:36:23 mdean Exp $ -->


<Class ID="Animal">
  <comment>This class of animals is illustrative of a number of
	ontological idioms.</comment>

<Class ID="Male">
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Animal"/>

<Class ID="Female">
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Animal"/>
  <disjointFrom rdf:resource="#Male"/>

<Property ID="parent">
  <domain rdf:resource="#Animal"/>

<Class ID="Person">
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Animal"/>
      <onProperty rdf:resource="#parent"/>
      <toClass rdf:resource="#Person"/>

<Class ID="Man">
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Person"/>
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Male"/>

<Class ID="Woman">
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Person"/>
  <subClassOf rdf:resource="#Female"/>

<Property ID="father">
  <subProperty rdf:resource="#parent"/>
  <range rdf:resource="#Man"/>

<UniqueProperty ID="mother">
  <subProperty rdf:resource="#parent"/>
  <range rdf:resource="#Woman"/>

<Property ID="job">
  <range rdf:resouce="#Person"/>


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