re: revised UML profile for DAML

From: Hart, Lewis (
Date: 01/10/01

Comments about UML mappings to DAML Properties

The current mapping, discussed in detail on the Lockheed Martin UBOT site
[Link 1], uses several features of UML (i.e. attributes, associations,
stereotyped classes and dependencies) to represent DAML properties.
However, these features are largely considered independently or as various
optional approaches.  I would like to propose a new mapping that reconciles
these various approaches into a consistent mapping of UML elements into DAML
properties.  The new mapping largely just consolidates and restates the
current mapping, however it does introduce some minor changes:

	- Associations and roles (association ends) would map into separate
	- Dependencies would use name rather that stereotype to identify
mapped properties. 

A full discussion of this new mapping can be found at [Link 2].

- Lewis


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