DAML Finder - Candidate Killer App

From: Lacy . Lee (LLacy@drc.com)
Date: 07/31/01

To continue the discussions from the PI meeting, regarding "killer apps" for
the semantic web and DAML+OIL, I'd like to propose another concept.

"DAML Finder" is an application involving using SW technology to FIND
people, places, and things on the web.  The attached diagram provides an
IDEF0 view (inputs, outputs, control, and mechanisms) of the lifecycle of
DAML Finder use.

1) Ontology developers would develop ontologies for particular domains using
ontology development tools
2) People who wanted their stuff to be found would use markup tools and the
previously developed ontologies
3) Various folks would build user interfaces to query "searchers" for what
they're looking for use those interfaces to obtain search parameters
4) Query software would use "hint lists" and crawling techniques to find
desired information using inferencing on ontology specifications and
searches through instance data
5) Various folks would build user interfaces to present the results of the

To explain the concept, a concrete example should be developed and
demonstrated.  For example, show how a company like restaurant.com could
provide a service to help folks find restaurants near particular locations.
The demo is NOT the objective, just a tool to help people understand the
killer app of finding people, places, and things.


Lee Lacy
Dynamics Research Corporation


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