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Date: 04/04/02

At 8:34 AM -0800 4/4/02, R.V.Guha wrote:
>Having fought and lost (well, at least not won) this battle in the
>context of RDF vs XML,  with a bunch of  Netscape's
>enterprise customers, a couple of years ago, I'd like to
>add my 2 cents.
>The minute the issue is framed as anything vs XML, there is
>just no chance of winning. Skillions of dollars are being spent
>by companies that are trying to outdo each other in professing
>their devotion to XML.
>I would suggest that we need to have an elevator pitch that explains
>rdf/rdfs/daml as adding semantics to XML or making it easier to
>develop schemas or something like that. In my view, this is not
>a misrepresentation, a clarification.
>There is an interesting talk by Hasso Plattner --- who the intended
>audience will take very seriously --- where he says that xml just
>provides common syntax, but we need semantics. (see

guha...i agree, which is why i used the phrase "value added" to XML 
in my original posting.  we should never say "DAML vs. XML" in 
anything related to this program; we should always talk about what 
DAML adds to XML that is not inherently part of XML.  someone (i 
forgot who told me this) said to me at one of the PI meetings a good 
explanation that went soemthing like this:  "in order to really use 
XML across disparate developments, you need to agree on the meaning 
of more than is expressible in XML (with XML schema).  there are many 
ways to do this, and they are expressible in XML, but everyone needs 
to express them in the same way for interoperation.  doing this is 
tantamount to designing DAML."  if an argument like this can be 
sharpened, it might be what i am looking for, and maybe what david 
and others are saying that started this thread.


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