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Date: 03/04/02

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Monday, March 4, 2002 - Issue 6

New Stories:

DAML Principal Investigators meeting held in St. Petersburg

The DAML PI meeting was held February 13 - 15 in St. Petersburg, FL. Murray
Burke, the DARPA DAML Program Manager, set the tone for the meeting with an
overview of the goals and objectives of the new DARPA Information
Exploitation Office (IXO) and the direction for the DAML project during
2002. Each of the research teams presented the results of their efforts in
2001 and their plans for 2002. Several Working Group meetings focused on
areas of interest across the research teams such as Services, Tools, and
Security. More information is at:

Semantic Web for Military Users conference

The next Semantic Web for Military Users (SWMU) conference is scheduled for
March 25 - 27 at the Navy SPAWAR Systems Center in San Diego, CA. This
conference is by invitation only and will explore opportunities for the
application of DAML technology to military problems. This is a joint
conference that also includes the ESG Enabling Experiments team and the Grid
Military Users Group. If you are interested in attending please contact Tom
Martin <> .

DAML Experiment to be key activity in 2002

Many of the technologies developed to date under the DAML Program will be
brought together to showcase the overall productivity enhancements available
through the concept of the Semantic Web. The DAML Experiment will focus on
functionality to support the Joint Task Force Commander and his staff in
selecting candidate targets that best satisfy specific the goals and
objectives for a military operation. The resulting prototype system is being
called the Semantic Operational Net Assessment Tool (SONAT).

DAML Semantic Search Server enhanced

A new GUI and a few more new features have been added to the DAML Semantic
Search Server created by Teknowledge's Agent Semantic Communication
Service(ASCS) development team. In addition to providing exact matches to
queries, the search engine now allows the user to broaden search based on
equivalence relations, inversion relations, subclass and subproperty
relations. As a result, the scope of the search is much broader than search
purely based on text-string matching. The server performance has also been
improved via continuous query ordering and most queries can be answered
within ten seconds. Since 2002, the content of the server is updated every
week. The server is available at

A DAML Mode for XEmacs and GNU Emacs

Anyone who has tried to write DAML ontologies in a text editor will
recognize that it requires a lot of typing, and that reading and moving
around in such files can be tedious. EmacsDAML, developed by BBN
Technologies, is a step in the direction of addressing those problems.
DAML-EMACS is a "mode" for use with the EMACS text editor, not unlike the
modes for C++, Java, LaTeX, LISP and HTML that existed previously. It
provides automatic fontification to make the code easier to read, commands
to insert new forms to be filled out, and keyboard commands for moving about
the file in logical DAML/RDF or XML units. EmacsDAML is available at

DAMLator server side translator for Apache

UMBC has developed DAMLator as a module for the popular Apache web server
which does server side translations of DAML encoded files and caches the
results. Current translation targets include Ntriples, Prolog terms, GIF and
PNG. The benefits of using DAMLator are threefold. First, the caching
mechanism provides efficiency and scaling by avoiding repeated translations
of the DAML encoded files. Second, doing the translation on the server side
means that client applications can be smaller, simpler and faster since they
do not have to parse and translate DAML files. Third, avoiding the
complexity of dealing with DAML directly and making the DAML content
available in several forms lowers the barrier for developers to experiment
with DAML. DAMLator 1.0 is implemented in Perl and uses HP JENA RDF/XML
parser, Apache Xerces and AT&T Labs Graphviz. Future versions will include a
web interface through which one can administer, configure and monitor a
DAMLator installation. For more information and to download Damlator, visit

DAML at conferences

E-Services and the Semantic Web Workshop. This workshop is designed to
foster collaboration between researchers in workflow, database, systems and
AI working on problems related to the confluence of Web Services and the
Semantic Web. Deadline for submission: 3/15/02.

Simulation, Verification and Automated Composition of Web Services paper by
Srini Narayanan (SRI) and Sheila McIlraith (Stanford) to appear in the 11th
International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2002), May, 2002.

Adapting Golog for Composition of Semantic Web Services paper by Sheila
McIlraith(Stanford) and Tran Cao Son (New Mexico State Univ.) to appear in
the 8th International Conference on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
(KR2002), April, 2002.

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