reminder: AAAI-2002 Workshop on Ontologies and the Semantic Web

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Date: 03/05/02

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*** Papers are due March 15 ***

Call for Participation
AAAI-2002 Workshop on Ontologies and the Semantic Web

Description of workshop: the main objectives

       This workshop will address ontologies for the semantic web. The 
notion of the semantic web as promoted by Tim Berners-Lee and by Jim 
Hendler as the focus of a major DARPA-funded research effort, is to 
transform the current World Wide Web so that the information and services 
are understandable and useable by computers as well as humans. The Semantic 
Web will create an environment where software agents can readily perform 
sophisticated tasks and help humans find, understand, integrate, and use 
information. The key distinguishing feature of the Semantic Web will be 
ontologies which will enable software agents to find the meaning of the 
information on Web pages by following hyperlinks to definitions of key 
terms and rules for reasoning about them logically.

       The aim of this workshop will be to make progress on addressing what 
ontology languages, tools, methodologies, and content are needed to support 
the Semantic Web.


   * Ontological Content
     Papers are solicited that discuss issues related to the content of
     ontologies with respect to either presenting particular ontological
     content that is believed to be of general interest, or discussing the
     more general issue of how a body of formal ontology content can be
     extended or employed in some application. Papers may present ontologies
     and discuss their value or discuss issues in the standardization of
     ontological content.

   * How can the quality of ontologies be evaluated?
     Papers are particularly encouraged that provide methodologies and test

   * How can ontologies developed for the Semantic Web be shared and
     Papers are particularly encouraged that contain specific use
     scenarios in which sharing, merging, translating, etc. are

   * Use cases for ontological content on the web
     A great effort is going into languages for defining, and tools for
     manipulating, ontologies on the web. Papers are encouraged that
     describe either implemented applications that make use of web
     ontologies, or vision papers that describe how ontological content will
     change the web.

Workshop Format

       Subject to a sufficient response to our call for participation, we 
are planning on a two-day workshop. The agenda will consist of position 
statements by the program committee, invited talks, paper presentations, 
and panel-led discussions.


       Attendance will be limited to authors of accepted papers and invited 
presenters. Others will be allowed to attend only if space permits. There 
will be a total of 25-65 participants.

Submission requirements

       Papers of 4-10 pages will be accepted by email in PDF (preferrred), 
Postscript or .rtf formats to ( Papers must 
conform to AAAI format.

       March 15, 2002 - papers due
       April 19 - Notification of acceptances sent
       May 3 - Camera-ready copies due along with optional Permission to
               Distribute Form
       July 28-August 1 - AAAI Conference

Organizing Committee

   Adam Pease (, Jim Hendler 
(, Richard Fikes (

Web site: <>

Adam Pease
(650) 424-0500 x571

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